André Coutinho Castilla

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Mangoes of uniform genetics (Lippens variety) cultivated in the Gomera Island (Canary Islands) by conventional and organic farming were used to analyze the mineral content in order to differentiate crops cultivated in the same geographic area by the cultivation practices. Farming differences as well as soil differences may be reflected in the mineral(More)
INTRODUCTION Palm syrup is a typical product from the Canary Islands, traditionally produced from the sap of the tropical palm tree Phoenix canariensis. Its high caloric content has led to its increasing use as a health food supplement for athletes, children and elderly. Furthermore, demand for this natural syrup is continuously increasing due also to its(More)
Most essential information contained in the electronic medical record is stored as text, and this imposes several difficulties on automated data extraction and retrieval. Natural language processing is an approach that can unlock clinical information from free texts. The proposed methodology uses the specialized natural language processor MEDLEE developed(More)
The main objective of our project is to extract clinical information from thoracic radiology reports in Portuguese using Machine Translation (MT) and cross language information retrieval techniques. To accomplish this task we need to evaluate the involved machine translation system. Since human MT evaluation is costly and time consuming we opted to use(More)
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