André Cohnen

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Nationwide surveys for the occurrence of Isospora suis were carried out in Germany, Austria and Switzerland including a questionnaire regarding herd size, health status and management practices and a coccidiosis sampling kit for pooled faecal samples from litters of suckling piglets. A total of 184 veterinary practices participated in the survey and(More)
THEMIS is critical for conventional T-cell development, but its precise molecular function remains elusive. Here, we show that THEMIS constitutively associates with the phosphatases SHP1 and SHP2. This complex requires the adapter GRB2, which bridges SHP to THEMIS in a Tyr-phosphorylation-independent fashion. Rather, SHP1 and THEMIS engage with the N-SH3(More)
Antigen recognition by the T-cell receptor (TCR) is a hallmark of the adaptive immune system. When the TCR engages a peptide bound to the restricting major histocompatibility complex molecule (pMHC), it transmits a signal via the associated CD3 complex. How the extracellular antigen recognition event leads to intracellular phosphorylation remains unclear.(More)
IMMUNOLOGY AND INFLAMMATION Correction for “Functional role of T-cell receptor nanoclusters in signal initiation and antigen discrimination,” by Sophie V. Pageon, Thibault Tabarin, Yui Yamamoto, Yuanqing Ma, John S. Bridgeman, André Cohnen, Carola Benzing, Yijun Gao, Michael D. Crowther, Katie Tungatt, Garry Dolton, Andrew K. Sewell, David A. Price, Oreste(More)
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