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Aiming at amplifying the energy productive motion of wave energy converters (WECs) in response to irregular sea waves, the strategies of discrete control presented here feature some major advantages over continuous control, which is known to require, for optimal operation, a bidirectional power take-off able to re-inject energy into the WEC system during(More)
SUMMARY An eXtended Stochastic Finite Element Method has been recently proposed for the numerical solution of partial dierential equations dened on random domains. This method is based on a mariage between the eXtended Finite Element Method and spectral stochastic methods. In this paper, we propose an extension of this method for the numerical simulation of(More)
To specify and solve 2D and 3D problems integrating geometrical constraints, we have developed a declarative model where objects and constraints are represented by a set of vectors. These vectors are not defined by their usual Cartesian coordinates but by their respective scalar products. It is then the metric tensor which defines the geometrical object. To(More)
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