André Briguet

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BACKGROUND Present developments in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) imaging techniques strive for improved spatial and temporal resolution performances. However, trying to achieve the shortest gradient rising time with high intensity gradients has its drawbacks: It generates high amplitude noises that get superimposed on the simultaneously recorded(More)
Effects of chloramphenicol (antibiotic inhibiting complex-1 of respiratory chain) and thioamphenicol (TAP, a structural analog of CAP inactive on complex-1) were examined on cerebral energy metabolites and sleep-wake cycle architecture in rat. In the first group, animals were chronically equipped with a cranial surface resonator and (31)P spectroscopic(More)
This paper analyzes the effects of intra-scan motion and demonstrates the possibility of correcting them directly in k-space with a new automatic retrospective method. The method is presented for series of 2D acquisitions with Cartesian sampling. Using a reference k-space acquisition (corrected for translations) within the series, intra-scan motion(More)
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