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  • A. Bart
  • 1971
1. By means of heterogenous associations of two parts whose morphogenetic potentialities are different, we tried to find our if the formation of a supernumerary morphogenetic centre comes from one of these parts or from both. 2. Associations of opposite sides of legs of different thoracic metameres give such chimerae that the graft and the receptor side(More)
  • André Bart
  • 1971
The local conditions of appearance of a supernumerary morphogenesis and its characteristics (composition, localisation, orientation), have been studied in the leg of the stick InsectCarausius morosus. 1) A 180° rotation of the trochanter around the proximo-distal axis before reimplantation in the coxa corresponds, between these two joints, to a disharmony(More)
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