André B. Perina

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Many problems involving network design can be found in the real world, such as electric power circuit planning , telecommunications and phylogenetic trees. In general, solutions for these problems are modeled as forests represented by a graph manipulating thousands or millions of input variables, making it hard to obtain the solutions in a reasonable time.(More)
Popliteal lymph node dissection is performed when grossly metastatic nodal disease is encountered in the popliteal fossa or after microscopic metastasis is found in interval sentinel nodes during clinical staging of cutaneous malignant melanoma. Initially, an S-shaped incision is made to gain access to the popliteal fossa. A careful en bloc removal of fat(More)
Many problems are related to network projects, such as electric distribution , telecommunication and others. Most of them can be represented by graphs, which manipulate thousands or millions of nodes, becoming almost an impossible task to obtain real-time solutions. Many efficient solutions use Evolutionary Algorithms (EA), where researches show that(More)
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