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Mobile payment is considered by many experts as the next " big thing " , that will kick-off existing e-and m-commerce efforts and unleash the true potential of mobile business. Different approaches come to the market and try to address existing needs, but up to now no global solution exists. In this paper we present the approach followed by the EU IST(More)
The growth of mobile commerce is directly related to the increase of ownership and use of mobile personal, programmable communication devices, including mobile phones and PDAs. These devices provide effective authorisation and management of payment and banking transactions since they are capable of offering security and convenience advantages compared with(More)
The Secure Mobile Payment Service (SEMOPS – www.semops.com) is an innovative solution for delivering a global mobile payment service. Among other requirements common to the mobile payment services, SEMOPS has tackled the security, trust and privacy issues that mobile payment scenarios pose. Existing approaches in mobile payment procedures have done little(More)
StoLPaN, a pan-European consortium of companies, universities and user groups co-funded by the European Commission (EU), Information Society Technologies (IST) Programme aims to define open commercial and technical frameworks for the remote management of NFC-enabled services on mobile devices. These frameworks will facilitate the deployment of NFC-enabled(More)
Many experts consider that efficient and effective mobile payment solutions will empower existing e-and m-commerce efforts and unleash the true potential of mobile business. Recently, different mobile payment approaches appear to the market addressing particular needs, but up to now no global mobile payment solution exists. SEMOPS is a secure mobile payment(More)