András Szabolcs Nagy

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Design space exploration (DSE) aims to find optimal design candidates of a domain with respect to different objectives where design candidates are constrained by complex structural and numerical restrictions. Rule-based DSE aims to find such candidates that are reachable from an initial model by applying a sequence of exploration rules. Solving a rule-based(More)
This paper presents a solution for the Class Responsibility Assignment Case of the 2016 Transformation Tool Contest. The task is to assign features (methods and attributes with dependencies to each other) to classes and optimize a software metric called CRA-Index. The solution utilizes the rule-based design space exploration framework Viatra-DSE with the(More)
Intramyocardial dissection is an uncommon complication of myocardial infarction, chest trauma, and percutaneous intervention. It is usually caused by a hemorrhagic dissection among the spiral myocardial fibers. Carries high mortality and there is still uncertainty regarding invasive or conservative management. We present a case of the left ventricular(More)
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