András Süt

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We evaluated the contribution of amoebic coculture to the recovery of Legionella spp. from 379 respiratory samples. The sensitivity of axenic culture was 42.1%. The combination of axenic culture with amoebic coculture increased the Legionella isolation rate to 47.1%. Amoebic coculture was particularly efficient in isolating Legionella spp. from respiratory(More)
This paper is a contribution to the theory of coherent crystals. We present arguments claiming that negative minima in the Fourier transform of a soft pair interaction may give rise to the coexistence of diagonal and off-diagonal long-range order at high densities, and that this coexistence may be detectable due to a periodicity seen on the off-diagonal(More)
We study the ground state Ψ0 = ∑ aX |X〉 of N hard-core bosons on a finite lattice in configuration space, X = {x1, . . . , xN}. All aX being positive, the ratios aX/ ∑ aY can be interpreted as probabilities Pa(X). Let E0 denote the energy of the ground state and |∂X| the number of nearest-neighbour particle-hole pairs in the configuration X. We prove the(More)
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