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The paper presents the main results of the IST FP6 INFRAWEBS project. The project has developed an easy and effective way of constructing and using semantic descriptions for existing and new Web services. INFRAWEBS has adopted the WSMO (Web Service Modeling Ontology) and WSML (Web Service Modeling Language) specifications and has imposed no additional(More)
The license management is one of the main concerns when Independent Software Vendors (ISV) try to distribute their software in computing platforms such as Clouds. They want to be sure that customers use their software according to their license terms. The work presented in this paper tries to solve part of this problem extending a semantic resource(More)
Digital libraries (DLs) are new and innovative information systems, under constant development and change, and therefore evaluation is of critical importance to ensure not only their correct evolution but also their acceptance by the user and application communities. The Evaluation activity of the DELOS Network of Excellence has performed a large-scale(More)
Evaluation of digital libraries (DLs) is essential for further development in this area. Whereas previous approaches were restricted to certain facets of the problem, we argue that evaluation of DLs should be based on a broad view of the subject area. For this purpose, we develop a new description scheme using four major dimensions: data/collection,(More)
In this paper we describe a framework for the automatic transformation of databases from the conceptual to the internal level. Our approach ts in with the ANSI/SPARC three level architecture for database management systems. The framework consists of three components: structures (database schemata), populations (database contents) and operations (database(More)
Evaluation of digital libraries assesses their effectiveness, quality and overall impact. To facilitate the comparison of different evaluations and to support the re-use of evaluation data, we are proposing a new logging schema. This schema will allow for logging and sharing of a wide array of data about users, systems and their interactions. We discuss the(More)
—One of the most important issues for Service Providers in Cloud Computing is delivering a good quality of service. This is achieved by means of the adaptation to a changing environment where different failures can occur during the execution of different services and tasks. Some of these failures can be predicted taking into account the information obtained(More)
The CORES metadata schemas registry is designed to enable users to discover and navigate metadata element sets. The paper reflects on some of the experiences of implementing the registry, and examines some of the issues of promoting such services in the context of a "partially Semantic Web" where metadata applications are evolving and many have not yet(More)
Evaluation of digital libraries assesses their effectiveness, quality and overall impact. In this paper we present a novel, multi-level logging framework that will provide complete coverage of the different aspects of DL usage for user-system interactions. Based on this framework, we can analyse for various DL stakeholders the logging data according to(More)