András Margitay-Becht

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SUMMARY The issue of modelling international financial aid to underdeveloped countries baffled economists for decades. The initial assumptions (that outside aid could help bolster up the internally insufficient investment, thus helping economic growth) were statistically proven wrong; most of the recipient countries did not experience rapid growth, rather(More)
Fun is learning; this radical approach to education incorporates students' extracurricular computer and videogame play as the gateway for exploring anthropological and economic theory in higher education. Our initial assumption was that students with thorough experience in multiplayer games have much easier time understanding the basics of micro-and(More)
SUMMARY The research into the effectiveness of financial aid is gaining momentum lately. Some say it is ineffective, some say it could be effective, but all seem to agree that some of its aspects are currently unmapped. This article aims at showing a rather simplistic agent-based model that might hint at a possible useful approach of the issue. It will be(More)
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