András Illényi

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In the last few decades many papers have written about the analysis of the infant cry. The acoustic analysis has a shorter history than emotional, physiological, etc. investigations [1, 2, 3, 4, 5]. This paper deals with classical and new methods of acoustic analysis of the infant cry. The final goal is to detect hearing disorders according to the crying at(More)
In this study the first communication signal of life (i.e. the infant cry) will be analyzed. Authors show methods for the acoustic analysis of the infant cry and ways how to obtain the melody of crying. Previously several research groups had reported about the development of the infant cry, now authors are to present the development of the melody. The(More)
Most of the hearing disorders might be treatable in the early age of life. There are variant methods to test the hearing abilities of an infant; still none of them cover the whole auditory system by itself. Thus a comprehensive audiometry with high hit probability is required. Crying is the first tool of communication for an infant. Emotions, state of(More)
the melody analysis of the infant cries was performed manually in the past. based on subjective listening, only estimations could be achieved about the real melodies. a novel method had been introduced a few years ago to categorize the melody shapes. it says that the melodies of the infant cries are combined from elementary units. the melody shapes can be(More)
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