András Andrásfalvy

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Novel and efficient protocols for plant regeneration and genetic transformation from longitudinally-halved cotyledons ofin vitro raised seedlings in eggplant (Solanum melongena L.) are described. After co-cultivation withAgrobacterium vectors harboring neomycin phosphotransferase (nptll) as selectable marker, transgenic plantlets were regenerated on(More)
A new ant speciesLasius (Lasius) neglectus spec. nov. is described from Budapest, Hungary. The workers are morphologically similar toL. alienus, but queens and males are clearly different and are much smaller. The species is polygynous, without apparent colony barriers, there are probably no nuptial flights, and intra-nidal mating has been observed; in this(More)
Es werden in Ungarn beobachtete Daten des Hochzeitsfluges für folgende Arten mitgeteilt: 10 Messor structor Latr. 20 Solenopsis fugax Latr. 30 Prenolepis imparis Say. varnitens Mayr. 40 Lasius niger L. 50 Lasius emerginatus Oliv. 60 Lasius alienus L. 70 Lasius umbratus bezw.mixtus Nyl. 80 Lasius fuliginosus Latr. Messor structor Latr. Solenopsis fugax Latr.(More)
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