Andoni Beriain

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This work presents a full passive UHF RFID pressure sensor tag which uses a nonius based TDC capacitive sensor interface. The proposed converter has a fully digital output and allows reducing power consumption while maintaining the required resolution. The nonius based TDC has been designed using TSMC 90nm standard CMOS technology. Post-layout simulations(More)
This paper presents an ultra low-power and low-voltage pulse-width modulation based ratiometric capacitive sensor interface. The interface was designed and fabricated in a standard 90 nm CMOS 1P9M technology. The measurements show an effective resolution of 10 bits using 0.5 V of supply voltage. The active occupied area is only 0.0045 mm2 and the Figure of(More)
There is a strong motivation for the development of low-power RFID sensors tags. In this work, a full passive RFID pressure sensor tag is presented paying special attention to a time to digital converter based on nonius oscillators. The circuit has been designed using a 90nm CMOS standard process. Post-layout simulations show that the nonius converter(More)
This paper describes the design of a Sensor Signal Conditioner for a pressure sensor transducer in automotive applications. The circuit has been implemented in a 0.35 um CMOS process and comprises an Instrumentation Amplifier (IA), a 2<sup>nd</sup> order Chebyshev active low pass filter and an 1<sup>st</sup> order incremental ADC. The IA consumes 3mA with a(More)
In this paper, a MEMS capacitive pressure sensor and a capacitance to digital converter are presented. The MEMS transducer has been designed and fabricated using MetalMUMPs process from MEMSCAP. For an diaphragm area of 600&#x00D7;600 &#x03BC;m<sup>2</sup> and an electrostatic pressure variation up to 30 kPa, the MEMS exhibits a capacitance change from 9.3(More)
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