Andjeljko Petrović

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A numerical method for speech analysis has been developed. The method is based on sounds spectrograms as carriers of information about individual voice characteristics. The effects on speech sounds caused by alterations of the oral cavity dimensions with complete dentures of different morphology were analysed. Different positions of upper incisors and(More)
The functional roles of different habitats may depend on the combined effect of local habitat management and the structure and composition of the surrounding landscape. However, this interaction is not well understood due to the common practice of pooling many different habitat types in one simple landscape metric (e.g., percentage crop area). In this(More)
Several recent morphological studies of the genus Hirudo indicated that only Hirudo verbana is present in Serbia, while Hirudo medicinalis is completely absent. In order to test this hypothesis, specimens of medicinal leech from Serbia are analyzed for the first time by the method of DNA identification. The results show that individuals belonging to the(More)
Morphological divergence often increases with phylogenetic distance, thus making morphology taxonomically informative. However, transitions to asexual reproduction may complicate this relationship because asexual lineages capture and freeze parts of the phenotypic variation of the sexual populations from which they derive. Parasitoid wasps belonging to the(More)
The present paper represents a contribution to the knowledge of the taxonomy of Monoctonia Starý aphid parasitoids obtained using the barcoding region of the mitochondrial COI gene. We discuss the phylogenetic position of the genus within the subtribe Monoctonina, redescribe known species, and describe Monoctonia japonica sp. n. from Japan in the(More)
The contribution of runoff from various land uses to stream channels in a watershed is often speculated and used to underpin many model predictions. However, these contributions, often based on little or no measurements in the watershed, fail to appropriately consider the influence of the hydrologic location of a particular landscape unit in relation to the(More)
Medicinal leeches (Hirudo spp.) are among the best studied of animals as far as their morphology, physiology, and behavior are concerned (Sawyer 1986), but for a long time their taxonomy was neglected (Trontelj and Utevsky 2005). The taxon-omy, genetics, and distribution of these famous animals were resolved just in the last decade (Trontelj et al.(More)
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