Andika Gunadi

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The properties of an aminopeptidase (AP) from Fusobacterium nucleatum were studied in view of the fact that this organism, along with other Gram-negative anaerobes involved in periodontal diseases, survives in the subgingival environment by obtaining energy via the fermentation of a small number of peptide-derived amino acids. The AP was found to be(More)
Gene expression in plants is primarily modulated by the promoter region, which is located upstream of the gene coding region. Specific regulatory sequences within the promoter region contribute to the strength, tissue specificity, timing and duration of gene expression. In this study, promoter regions were isolated from 40 different soybean (Glycine max)(More)
BACKGROUND Studies on plant-insect interactions of the soybean aphid, Aphis glycines (Matsumura), can be influenced by environmental fluctuations, status of the host plant and variability in microbial populations. Maintenance of aphids on in vitro-grown plants minimizes environmental fluctuations, provides uniform host materials and permits the selective(More)
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