Andie Sigler

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An 11-year-old girl contracted pneumonia with consolidation of the left lower lobe, infiltrates in the lingula and left upper lobe, and a large left pleural effusion, accompanied by a Mycoplasma complement-fixation titer increasing to 1:16,384. Serial chest radiographs demonstrated resolution of the pneumonia and effusion, followed by development of a(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe subtle nasal deformities and microform cleft lips in parents whose children have complete cleft lip deformities. DESIGN Clinical analyses of three parents whose children had complete cleft lips. Subtle nasal deformities and microform cleft lips were identified. SETTING An institutional general hospital: Manuel Gea González Cleft(More)
Facial osteotomies performed in young children are frequently associated with growth deficiencies, especially at the middle third of the face. This problem may be more severe when the initial deformity is associated with alveolar and palatal clefts. Orbital hypertelorism is a major congenital malformation requiring early correction. The resection of the(More)
Musical meta-creation is an artistic and technical field in which the results (i.e. music) often cannot be empirically tested. The processes by which music is generated, however, afford a rational level of discourse. This paper suggests ways in which we might orient our discussion and our system-building in order to explore musical possibility and use(More)