Andie Martinez

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Secondary damage after spinal cord (SC) injury remains without a clinically effective drug treatment. To explore the neuroprotective effects of cell-permeable reduced glutathione monoethyl ester (GSHE), rats subjected to SC contusion using the New York University impactor were randomly assigned to receive intraperitoneally GSHE (total dose of 12 mg/kg),(More)
Introduction A puzzle for many Native American artists, funders and policymakers is the long-term relative economic success of Southwestern US Native artists compared with sustained challenges for their counterparts in most other American and Canadian regions. In this paper, we summarize the work of historians, anthropologists and art critics on the(More)
Met-enkephalin immunoreactivity (MET-ENKi), total enkephalin immunoreactivity (TOTAL MET-ENKi) and catecholamines were measured in adrenal and extra-adrenal tissue of fetal, newborn and adult rabbits. Met-enkephalin peptides were detected in adrenal and extra-adrenal tissue by 29 days of gestation. There were progressive increases in TOTAL MET-ENKi in both(More)
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