Anderson Uilian Kauer

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Authorship analysis aims at classifying texts based on the stylistic choices of their authors. The idea is to discover characteristics of the authors of the texts. This task has a growing importance in forensics, security, and marketing. In this work, we focus on discovering age and gender from blog authors. With this goal in mind, we analyzed a large(More)
A mineração temporal de textos (temporal text mining TTM) é uma técnica cujo objetivo é descobrir a estrutura latente e padrões temporais em coleções de texto. Estas características são importantes em coleções em que os tópicos de interesse mudam frequentemente com o passar do tempo. Além disso, a mineração temporal de textos é útil em ferramentas de(More)
This paper reports on our participation in SemEval-2015 Task 12, which was devoted to Aspect-Based Sentiment Analysis. Participants were required to identify the category (entity and attribute), the opinion target, and the polarity of customer reviews. The system we built relies on classification algorithms to identify aspect categories and on a set of(More)
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