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Knowing that microbial transformations of compounds play vital roles in the preparation of new derivatives with biological activities, risperidone and its chiral metabolites were determined by(More)
Hollow fiber liquid-phase microextraction and CE were applied for the determination of albendazole sulfoxide (ASOX) enantiomers in liquid culture medium after a fungal biotransformation study. The(More)
The prominent nitric oxide (NO) donor [Ru(terpy)(bdqi)NO](PF(6))(3) has been synthesized and evaluated with respect to noteworthy biological effects due to its NO photorelease, including vascular(More)
Pharmacological studies employing alpha and beta amyrin have demonstrated potential application in several biological activities suggesting their application as promising drugs. In the early drug(More)
Govaniadine (GOV) is an alkaloid isolated from Corydalis govaniana Wall. It has been reported to show a different number of biological activities including anti-urease, leishmanicidal and(More)
The increasing awareness and public concern with hazard exposure to endocrine-disrupting chemicals calls for methods capable to handle numerous samples in short analysis time. In this present study,(More)