Anderson Pinto Almeida

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A study of the anti-inflammatory reaction after the injection of dextrans (60 mg) of various molecular weights (10,000-2,000,000) or carrageenan (0.5 mg) into the rat pleural cavity revealed two types of response. The dextrans induced within 30 min partial degranulation of mast cells and a rapid accumulation of fluid with little protein and a few(More)
The aims of this study were to investigate steady-state level of Kit Ligand (KL) mRNA and its effects on in vitro survival and growth of caprine preantral follicles. RT-PCR was used to analyze caprine steady-state level of KL mRNA in primordial, primary, and secondary follicles, and in small (1-3 mm) and large (3-6 mm) antral follicles. Furthermore, ovarian(More)
In this study we evaluate the effects of angiotensin-(1-7) on reperfusion arrhythmias in isolated rat hearts. Rat hearts were perfused according to Langendorff technique and maintained in heated (37+/-1 degrees C) and continuously gassed (95% O(2)/5% CO(2)) Krebs-Ringer solution at constant pressure (65 mm Hg). The electrical activity was recorded with an(More)
This study evaluated the expression of FSH receptors (FSHR) in the different stages of goat follicle development and investigated whether the addition of increasing concentrations of FSH throughout the culture period influences the survival, growth and antral formation of in vitro-cultured caprine preantral follicles. The expression of FSHR was analysed(More)
Hexavalent chromium [Cr(VI)] is a well-recognized human lung carcinogen. In order to gain further insight into Cr(VI)-induced carcinogenesis, we have established an adequate in vitro cellular model for the study of this process. To this end, BEAS-2B cells were used. Chronic exposure of cells to 1 microM Cr(VI) induced changes in the cells' ploidy and a(More)
E-cadherin is a central molecule in the process of gastric carcinogenesis and its posttranslational modifications by N-glycosylation have been described to induce a deleterious effect on cell adhesion associated with tumor cell invasion. However, the role that site-specific glycosylation of E-cadherin has in its defective function in gastric cancer cells(More)
It has been shown that angiotensin-(1-7) (Ang-(1-7)) infusion potentiates the bradykinin (BK)-induced hypotensive response in conscious rats. The present study was conducted to identify Ang-(1-7)-BK interactions in the isolated rat heart perfused according to the Langendorff technique. Hearts were excised and perfused through the aortic stump under a(More)
The aim of this study was to develop a dynamic culture medium containing FSH, LH and EGF to promote the in vitro development of oocytes obtained from goat preantral follicles to complete maturation and to improve the capacity of these oocytes for in vitro fertilization (IVF) and embryo production. For experiment I, preantral follicles were cultured for 18(More)
The objectives were to quantify insulin-like growth factor receptor-1 (IGFR-1) mRNA in preantral follicles on Days 0 and 18 of in vitro culture in the presence or absence of FSH, and to evaluate the effects of IGF-I on the rate of normal follicles, antral cavity formation, and in vitro growth and maturation of caprine oocytes on Days 0, 6, 12, and 18 of(More)