Anderson Pereira

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Use of antiretrovirals is widespread in Brazil, where more than 200,000 individuals are under treatment. Although general prevalence of primary antiretroviral resistance in Brazil is low, systematic sampling in large metropolitan areas has not being performed.The HIV Threshold Survey methodology (HIV-THS, WHO) was utilized, targeting Brazil's four major(More)
BACKGROUND Immunological and virological status of HIV-infected individuals entering the Brazilian public system over time was analyzed. We evaluated the impact of ART on virological, immunological and antiretroviral resistance over time. METHODS CD4+ T cell counts, viral loads and genotypes from patients over 13 years old from 2001-2011 were analyzed(More)
Keywords: Object-oriented programming Finite element method Topological data structure Adaptive simulations a b s t r a c t This paper describes an ongoing work in the development of a finite element analysis system, called TopFEM, based on the compact topological data structure, TopS [1,2]. This new framework was written to take advantage of the(More)
We present a Matlab implementation of topology optimization for fluid flow problems in the educational code PolyTop (Talischi et al. 2012b). The underlying formulation is the well-established porosity approach of Borrvall and Petersson (2003), wherein a dissipative term is introduced to impede the flow in the solid (non-fluid) regions. Polygonal finite(More)
1. Abstract Traditionally, standard Lagrangian-type finite elements, such as linear quads and triangles, have been the elements of choice in the field of topology optimization. In general, finite element meshes with these elements exhibit the well-known checkerboard pathology in the iterative solution of topology optimization problems. Voronoi and(More)
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