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The goal of this paper is to present PRISMA Mobile, an information visualization tool for android-based tablets. The application is based on a client-server model where the client uses as few resources as possible in order to preserve memory, battery and other device resources. To get better profit from the device, the tool uses the treemap technique(More)
With the spread of sales in electronic commerce and the popularization of interactive devices for digital television, grows the demand for applications that supports services over this platform, considering that television devices are present in 95% of brazilian households. In order to supply this demand, this work proposes a visualization interface(More)
Digital TV interactivity implies a great potential for social and digital inclusion, especially in a country like Brazil, where 95% of households have at least one TV. Due to the importance of Interactive Digital TV in this scenario, it is necessary not only to provide new applications to support services on TV, but also to evaluate the technological(More)
Water is one of the main resources of nature, being the element directly related with maintenance of life in any ecosystem. For mankind, beside the biologic needs, water is used in many sectors of society, and one of them is electricity generation. For the full operation of hydroelectric power plants there is a need to create a huge water reservoir, which(More)
Nowadays, power transmission networks are operated through supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. In incident situations, SCADA systems are prone to accumulate huge amounts of information potentially with temporal, non-monotonic and incompleteness problems. To support operator's decisions, on-line fault diagnosis is needed due to the(More)
Frequency-based statistical charts are the most widespread visualizations and the preferred of Infovis novices. They are important in depicting categorical data and providing data abstraction on large datasets. The drill down feature enables better visual scaling by allowing navigation through aggregation hierarchies. In this paper we discuss design(More)
Design and develop collaborative methods in information visualization are a current challenge, hence understand, identify and define the current progress of developed methods to collaborate in information visualization are important. The aim of this work is to review the ways and strategies of how to collaborate in information visualization applications. We(More)