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Surgical skill training is a long and tedious process of acquiring fine motor skills. To overcome the drawbacks of the existing toolbox trainer systems, we develop, for the first time, a virtual basic laparoscopic skill trainer (VBLaST) whereby tasks, such as the ones available in the FLS toolbox system, may be performed on the computer.
Anatomic hepatectomies are resections in which compromised segments or sectors of the liver are extracted according to the topological structure of its vascular elements. Such structure varies considerably among patients, which makes the current anatomy-based planning methods often inaccurate. In this work we propose a strategy to efficiently and(More)
In this paper, we introduce a novel "dynamic point" algorithm for computing the interaction of a line-shaped haptic cursor and polygonal surface models which has a near constant complexity. The algorithm is applied in laparoscopic surgery simulation for interaction of surgical instruments with physics-based deformable organ models.
While physics-based modeling of electrosurgical procedures is essential for most laparoscopic simulation systems, we present such a system for the first time in this paper. We have implemented a physics-based model of electrosurgery to control the temperature distribution on the tissue as a function of time. Then, we evaluate the algorithm within a complete(More)
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