Anderson Capistrano

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In a sample of 25 adult male subjects with moderate to severe obstructive sleep apnea, the interaction among craniofacial, airway, tongue, and hyoid variables was quantified by means of a canonical correlation analysis. One lateral cephalometric radiograph with the teeth in occlusion was obtained for each subject together with overnight polysomnographic(More)
In this work we review some of the theoretical efforts and experimental evidences related to Dark matter and Dark energy problems in the universe. These dilemmas show us how incomplete our knowledge of gravity is, and how our concepts about the universe must at least be revised. Mainly on the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) fifth year data(More)
(The dynamics of the extrinsic curvature) Abstract: The acceleration of the universe is described as a dynamical effect of the extrinsic curvature of space-time. By extending previous results, the extrinsic curvature is regarded as an independent spin-2 field, determined by a set of non-linear equations similar to Einstein's equations. In this framework, we(More)
INTRODUCTION Orthodontics, just as any other science, has undergone advances in technology that aim at improving treatment efficacy with a view to reducing treatment time, providing patients with comfort, and achieving the expected, yet hardly attained long-term stability. The current advances in orthodontic technology seem to represent a period of(More)
The Conradi-Hünermann Disease is a rare syndrome, which affects the cranial development and the anatomy of dental occlusion. After interdisciplinary treatment completion, the patient reached satisfactory facial anatomy, as well as regular occlusal relationship, attested 2 years of accompaniment.
As has been widely discussed [1], the presence of extra dimensions may provide a possible explanation not only for the hierarchy problem of the fundamental interactions, but also for the late time cosmic acceleration, with no need to invoke either a cosmological constant Λ or a quintessence field Φ. In this paper we use a model independent formulation of(More)
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