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A polymerase chain reaction (PCR) assay was developed for the generic detection of Salmonella sp. and the identification of S. Enteritidis (SE), S. Gallinarum (SG), S. Pullorum (SP) and S. Typhimurium (ST) in material collected in the field from poultry. The specificity and sensitivity of the assay combined with Rappaport-Vassiliadis selective enrichment(More)
BACKGROUND Sleep bruxism is an oral activity characterised by teeth grinding or clenching during sleep. Several treatments for sleep bruxism have been proposed such as pharmacological, psychological, and dental. OBJECTIVES To evaluate the effectiveness of occlusal splints for the treatment of sleep bruxism with alternative interventions, placebo or no(More)
Eight hundred skin samples from broiler carcasses condemned or downgraded for skin lesions were collected at five processing plants. Histologically, 45.25% were cellulitis, 19.00% were atypical fowlpox, 3.25% were dermal squamous cell carcinoma (DSCC), 17.00% were non-specific dermatitis, 0.5% were focal haemorrhages and 0.25% were haemangiomas. Of the(More)
1. Although the poultry industry uses state-of-the-art equipment and up-to-date services, in Brazil it generally makes decisions involving all its production variables based on purely subjective criteria. This paper reports the use of artificial neural networks to estimate performance in production birds belonging to a South Brazilian poultry farm. 2.(More)
Clonal genotypes resistant to fungal diseases are an important component of the cocoa production system in southeastern Bahia state (Brazil), so that technologies for faster production of stronger and healthier plantlets are highly desirable. In this study, the effects of inoculated bacterial endophytes isolated from healthy adult cacao plants on seedlings,(More)
In conventional inertial navigation systems, accelerometers are used to recognize linear acceleration and gyroscopes are used to recognize the angular velocity during the movement of a rigid body in order to identify its displacement. However, the gyroscope is a device of larger cost and larger power consumption when compared to the accelerometer. This(More)
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