Anders Winnberg

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Synchronized electromyography (EMG) and videofluorography were used to relate the EMG activity from the suprahyoid and masseter muscles and the movement of the hyoid bone to different phases of the jaw open-close-clench cycle. The subjects investigated comprised 19 adult males with normal dentofacial appearances. Five subjects were excluded from the(More)
Synchronized electromyography and videofluorography (lateral projection) were used to investigate the influence of altered head posture on hyo-mandibular movements, suprahyoid muscle length, suprahyoid working angle, and timing of suprahyoid and masseter muscle activity. Twelve adult male subjects with normal dentofacial morphology were investigated during(More)
Comet 9P/Tempel 1 was the target of a multi-wavelength worldwide investigation in 2005. The NASA Deep Impact mission reached the comet on 4.24 July 2005, delivering a 370 kg impactor which hit the comet at 10.3 km s −1. Following this impact, a cloud of gas and dust was excavated from the comet nucleus. The comet was observed in 2005 prior to and after the(More)
Context. Molecular oxygen, O 2 , has been expected historically to be an abundant component of the chemical species in molecular clouds and, as such, an important coolant of the dense interstellar medium. However, a number of attempts from both ground and from space have failed to detect O 2 emission. Aims. The work described here uses heterodyne(More)
The Odin satellite has been used to detect emission and absorption in the 557-GHz H 16 2 O line in the Galactic Centre towards the Sgr A * Circumnuclear Disk (CND), and the Sgr A +20 km s −1 and +50 km s −1 molecular clouds. Strong broad H 2 O emission lines have been detected in all three objects. Narrow H 2 O absorption lines are present at all three(More)
Suprahyoid and masseter muscle function was studied in 49 adult males with normal dentofacial morphology and normal soft tissue profiles, with special reference to head posture. The different parameters were investigated by EMG during chewing, by EMG synchronized to an opening force dynamograph during static and dynamic conditions, and by EMG synchronized(More)
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