Anders Wallberg

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This presentation reports work being done at SICS on novel interface techniques to large projection environments intended for multi-user applications. We have been exploring the notion of “naturalness” as it relates to interfaces. In this presentation we attempt to define this notion of naturalness and provide some reasons why the interaction media we(More)
1. ABSTRACT The Blob was developed as an initial part of the MIMOID project [1] which is an interactive mini opera based on ideas from Stanislaw Lem's novel Solaris [2]. Musicians, artists and technicians jointly developed the Blob as a piece of the scene for the opera, the Solaris planet covered by an organic and chaotic ocean. A short live-performance(More)
We describe a museum installation that explains the technical and mental process that sonar operators undergo when identifying underwater sounds in the surroundings of a submarine. The installation places the public in a cramped space composed of several coupled interactive stations offering different perspectives onto a virtual environment representing a(More)
The Nordic wilderness is unique and sensitive resource, where the important tourism industry needs to exist within limits of nature's toleration. Actors in this region have problems attracting the younger generation, and knowledge of some of the major tourist organisations is low within the younger demographic. The YOUSAT project proposes that to address(More)
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