Anders Vetsch

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BACKGROUND Capturing dimensions of physical activity relevant to patients may provide a unique perspective for clinical studies of chronically ill patients. However, the quality of the development of existing instruments is uncertain. The aim of this systematic review was to assess the development process of patient-reported outcome (PRO) instruments(More)
BACKGROUND Many patients with chronic illness are limited in their physical activities. This systematic review evaluates the content and format of patient-reported outcome (PRO) questionnaires that measure physical activity in elderly and chronically ill populations. METHODS Questionnaires were identified by a systematic literature search of electronic(More)
OBJECTIVE This study investigated in vivo and in vitro kinetics of o-toluidine-induced methemoglobinemia and the influence of ascorbic acid on resulting methemoglobin concentrations. o-Toluidine is a metabolite of prilocaline and ascorbic acid is recommended for treatment of methemoglobinemia as an alternative to methylene blue. METHODS We measured the(More)
Die Studie soll die In-vivo- und In-vitro-Kinetik der o-Toluidin-vermittelten Methämoglobin- (MetHb-)Bildung sowie deren Beeinflussbarkeit durch Ascorbinsäure klären. o-Toluidin ist ein Metabolit des Prilocain; Vitamin C wird als Alternative zu Methylenblau zur Therapie der Methämoglobinämie empfohlen. Die In-vitro-Messungen zur MetHb-Bildung wurden an(More)
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