Anders Sterner

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Background: The aim of this paper is to explore how contextualization of a healthcare simulation scenarios impacts immersion, by using a novel objective instrument, the Immersion Score Rating Instrument. This instrument consists of 10 triggers that indicate reduced or enhanced immersion among participants in a simulation scenario. Triggers refer to events(More)
BACKGROUND Today's nurses face complex patient challenges and increased patient acuity. Novice nurses may feel unprepared for some of the tasks facing them. In order to prevent adverse events and improve patient outcomes, the management of acute situations has been identified as an area needing attention. Despite this, it is not yet clear what novice nurses(More)
BACKGROUND ε-Aminocaproic acid (EACA) and tranexamic acid (TXA) are used for antifibrinolytic therapy in neonates undergoing cardiac surgery, although data directly comparing their blood-sparing efficacy are not yet available. We compared two consecutive cohorts of neonates for the effect of these two medications on perioperative blood loss and allogeneic(More)
Patients in intensive care suffer from severe illnesses or injuries and from symptoms related to care and treatments. Environmental factors, such as lighting at night, can disturb patients' circadian rhythms. The aim was to investigate whether patients displayed circadian rhythms and whether a cycled lighting intervention would impact it. In this pilot(More)
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