Anders Starcke Henriksen

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Existing focused proof systems for classical and intuitionistic logic allow contraction for exactly those formulas chosen for focus. For proof-search applications, contraction is undesirable, as we risk traversing the same path multiple times. We present here a contraction-free focused sequent calculus for classical propositional logic, called LKF CF ,(More)
We present an extension of the programming-by-contract (PBC) paradigm to a concurrent and distributed environment. Classical PBC is characterized by absolute conformance of code to its specification, assigning blame in case of failures, and a hierarchical, cooperative decomposition model – none of which extend naturally to a distributed environment with(More)
In this work we show how to use the focused intuitionistic logic system LJF as a framework for encoding several different intuitionistic and classical proof systems. The proof systems are encoded in a strong level of adequacy, namely the level of (open) derivations. Furthermore we show how to prove relative completeness between the different systems. By(More)
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