Anders Sköldunger

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BACKGROUND Inappropriate drug use (IDU) is an important risk factor for adverse outcomes in older persons. We aimed to investigate IDU and the risk of hospitalizations and mortality in older persons and in persons with dementia and to estimate the costs of IDU-related hospitalizations. METHODS We analyzed 4108 individuals aged ≥60 years from the Swedish(More)
BACKGROUND Aging of the population results in increasing number people suffering from dementia, and this will have a great impact on costs for the society. Because of the long duration of dementia disorders, it is difficult to collect empirical data for the whole survival period of incident cases. Therefore, modeling approaches are frequently used. The(More)
OBJECTIVE Elderly care includes complex interactions between formal services, informal care, morbidity and disabilities. Studies of the incremental effects of formal and informal care are rare and thus the objective was to describe the longitudinal patterns in formal and informal care given to non-demented and demented persons living in a rural area in(More)
BACKGROUND Previous findings indicate that people with dementia and their informal carers experience difficulties accessing and using formal care services due to a mismatch between needs and service use. This mismatch causes overall dissatisfaction and is a waste of the scarce financial care resources. This article presents the background and methods of the(More)
BACKGROUND We aimed to investigate the impact of dementia on drug costs in older people, after adjustment for socio-demographic factors, residential setting and co-morbidities. METHODS We included 4,129 individuals aged ≥ 60 years from The Swedish National Study on Aging and Care (SNAC) in Kungsholmen and Nordanstig 2001-2004. A generalized linear model(More)
Erratum During production of the original article [1], the line referring to " Informal Care " was omitted from Table 3. It should have been mentioned between " Total social care sector " and " Indirect costs ". Reference 1. Wimo A. The societal costs of dementia in Sweden 2012 – relevance and methodological challenges in valuing informal care. BMC(More)
In this study, we sought to estimate the societal cost of illness in dementia in Sweden in 2012 using different costing approaches to highlight methodological issues. We conducted a prevalence-based cost-of-illness study with a societal perspective. The societal costs of dementia in Sweden in 2012 were SEK 62.9 billion (approximately €7.2 billion,(More)
BACKGROUND Chronic pain affects nursing home residents' daily life. Pain assessment is central to adequate pain management. The overall aim was to investigate effects of a pain management intervention on nursing homes residents and to describe staffs' experiences of the intervention. METHODS A cluster-randomized trial and a mixed-methods approach.(More)
Older adults living in rural and urban areas have shown to distinguish themselves in technology adoption; a clearer profile of their Internet use is important in order to provide better technological and health-care solutions. Older adults' Internet use was investigated across large to midsize cities and rural Sweden. The sample consisted of 7181 older(More)
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