Anders R. Hansen

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UNLABELLED If a trauma system is to deliver "the right patient to the right hospital at the right time," a simple triage tool that can be used in the field to rapidly identify patients with a significant risk of morbidity and mortality is vital. OBJECTIVE The purpose of this study was to evaluate the effectiveness of the Glasgow Coma Scale's Motor(More)
Data from the North Carolina Trauma Registry were analyzed to determine the effect of seat belt usage on outcome in motor vehicle accidents. Of 6237 persons involved in motor vehicle accidents, data on seat belt usage were available for 3396. Of these, 1916 were not and 1480 were wearing seat belts. The mean hospital charge in belted patients was $10,500(More)
In order to make better and more realistic predictions of energy consumption in dwellings, more knowledge is needed about how individuals and households control the indoor environment. A questionnaire survey was conducted with the objective of studying the interest and actions taken in relation to indoor temperature, air quality and energy consumption by(More)
Compressed Sensing (CS) techniques are used to measure and reconstruct surface dynamical processes with a helium spin-echo spectrometer for the first time. Helium atom scattering is a well established method for examining the surface structure and dynamics of materials at atomic sized resolution and the spin-echo technique opens up the possibility of(More)
PURPOSE This report aims to assess the safety and feasibility of using an interdisciplinary rehabilitation intervention for a future randomized controlled trial in patients with gliomas in the initial treatment phase. METHOD We conducted an outpatient two-part rehabilitation intervention that involved six weeks of therapeutic supervised training (part(More)