Anders P. Ravn

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An approach to specification of requirements and verification of design for real-time systems is presented, A system is defined by a conventional mathematical model for a dynamic system where application specific state variables denote total functions of real time. Specifications are formulas in a real-time interval logic, where predicates define durations(More)
Software for safety critical systems must deal with the hazards identified by safety analysis. This paper investigates, how the results of one safety analysis technique, fault trees, are interpreted as software safety requirements to be used in the program design process. We propose that fault tree analysis and program development use the same system model.(More)
Based on the di erential action introduced in [12] we extend the action system framework into a hybrid action system framework. Hybrid action systems are to be used in modelling and analysing hybrid systems. The meaning of a hybrid action system is given as an ordinary action system. We also extended the de nition of a parallel composition for action(More)
We present an approach to prove safety (collision freedom) of multi-lane motorway traffic with lane-change manoeuvres. This is ultimately a hybrid verification problem due to the continuous dynamics of the cars. We abstract from the dynamics by introducing a new spatial interval logic based on the view of each car. To guarantee safety, we present two(More)
Modern software development has to deal with many different aspects and different views of applications. Thus it needs different modelling notations and tools to support more and more phases of the entire development process. To ensure the correctness of the models produced, the tools need to integrate sophisticated checkers, generators and transformations.(More)