Anders Olof Larsson

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He is also associated with The Swedish Research School of Management and Information Technology. His research focuses on how organizations, societal institutions and their respective audiences make use of online interactivity and social media. His web site can be accessed at Univer §sity of Bergen. His PhD thesis from 2009 analyzed European public service(More)
This paper presents work on a switched Ethernet network extended to allow for earliest deadline first (EDF) scheduling. We show by example that asymmetric deadline partitioning between the links of a real-time channel can increase the utilization substantially, still not violating the real-time guarantees. We also report measurements on a software(More)
Research has indicated that although online interactive features are not used by the visitors of different web sites, such features might be appreciated by the visitors. This paper examines the use and appreciation of interactive features by visitors on Swedish newspaper web sites. Utilizing an online survey focusing on different traits and habits of(More)
Among the many so called microblogging services that allow their respective users to describe their current status in short posts, Twitter is probably among the most popular and well known. Since its launch in 2006, Twitter use has evolved and is increasingly used in a variety of contexts. One are of use is politics. Although many of the initial hopes for "(More)
or multiple reproduction or distribution to multiple locations via electronic or other means is prohibited and is subject to penalties under law. Abstract: We present high speed real time, error free 4-PAM transmission for short range optical links based on a VCSEL operating at 850 nm, a multimode fibre and a simple intensity detector. Transmission speeds(More)
Front Cover : The figure on the front cover is a 16-level single-subcarrier constellation optimized for peak power (See [Paper C] for details). In memory of my father " Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far one can go. " T. Abstract There has been a significant improvement in high-speed electronics and optical components over(More)
The precisely delined laser diameter, the small index difference between the mesa and the burying material, the SI properties and the efficient heat removal provided by the regrown material, make this technique very promising for high-speed sin-gleniode VCSEL fabrication. Acknowkedgmnt: The authors would like to thank F. Salomons-son and R. Stevens for(More)