Anders Nordstrom

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The global community is in the midst of a growing response to health crises in developing countries, which is focused on mobilising financial resources and increasing access to essential medicines. However, the response has yet to tackle the most important aspect of health-care systems--the people that make them work. Human resources for health--the(More)
Mass spectrometry analysis was used to target three different aspects of the viral infection process: the expression kinetics of viral proteins, changes in the expression levels of cellular proteins, and the changes in cellular metabolites in response to viral infection. The combination of these methods represents a new, more comprehensive approach to the(More)
Concern that underfunded and weak health systems are impeding the achievement of the health Millennium Development Goals in low-income countries led to the creation of a High Level Taskforce on Innovative International Financing for Health Systems in September, 2008. This report summarises the key challenges faced by the Taskforce and its Working Groups.(More)
A new and general methodology is described for the targeted enrichment and subsequent direct mass spectrometric characterization of sample subsets bearing various chemical functionalities from highly complex mixtures of biological origin. Specifically, sample components containing a chemical moiety of interest are first selectively labeled with(More)
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