Anders Mykkeltveit

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rovisioning of resilient communication services is a significant aspect of network engineering. One important research issue, which has recently gained attention, is resilience differentiation. The challenge is to enable provision-ing of services with different resilience characteristics such as the availability, continuity and duration of downtimes in the(More)
—The paper advocates that in some communication service providing settings, it is more appropriate to focus on the continuity of a connection as the prime reliability attribute for defining requirements and establishing Service Level Agreements, rather than the traditionally used availability. The justification for this approach and types of services where(More)
This paper describes the implementation of a distributed route management system called the CE-ant algorithm. Technology (NTNU), and results from simulations are promising. The algorithm has, however, never been implemented and tested in a real network carrying real data traffic. The pioneering implementation presented in this paper is based on two main(More)
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