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Precise Analysis of String Expressions
We perform static analysis of Java programs to answer a simple question: which values may occur as results of string expressions? The answers are summarized for each expression by a regular languageExpand
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Type Analysis for JavaScript
JavaScript is the main scripting language for Web browsers, and it is essential to modern Web applications. Programmers have started using it for writing complex applications, but there is stillExpand
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The project
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A framework for automated testing of javascript web applications
Current practice in testing JavaScript web applications requires manual construction of test cases, which is difficult and tedious. We present a framework for feedback-directed automated testExpand
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MONA Version 1.4 - User Manual
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Dual syntax for XML languages
XML is successful as a machine processable data interchange format, but it is often too verbose for human use. For this reason, many XML languages permit an alternative more legible non-XML syntax.Expand
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Modeling the HTML DOM and browser API in static analysis of JavaScript web applications
Developers of JavaScript web applications have little tool support for catching errors early in development. In comparison, an abundance of tools exist for statically typed languages, includingExpand
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Determinacy in static analysis for jQuery
Static analysis for JavaScript can potentially help programmers find errors early during development. Although much progress has been made on analysis techniques, a major obstacle is the prevalenceExpand
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PowerForms: Declarative client-side form field validation
All uses of HTML forms may benefit from validation of the specified input field values. Simple validation matches individual values against specified formats, while more advanced validation mayExpand
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The pointer assertion logic engine
We present a new framework for verifying partial specifications of programs in order to catch type and memory errors and check data structure invariants. Our technique can verify a large class ofExpand
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