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Precise Analysis of String Expressions
We perform static analysis of Java programs to answer a simple question: which values may occur as results of string expressions? The answers are summarized for each expression by a regular languageExpand
Type Analysis for JavaScript
A static program analysis infrastructure that can infer detailed and sound type information for JavaScript programs using abstract interpretation is presented, designed to support the full language as defined in the ECMAScript standard, including its peculiar object model and all built-in functions. Expand
The project
A framework for automated testing of javascript web applications
A framework for feedback-directed automated test generation for JavaScript in which execution is monitored to collect information that directs the test generator towards inputs that yield increased coverage is presented. Expand
Determinacy in static analysis for jQuery
This work presents a static dataflow analysis for JavaScript that infers and exploits determinacy information on-the-fly, to enable analysis of some of the most complex parts of jQuery. Expand
Modeling the HTML DOM and browser API in static analysis of JavaScript web applications
This paper presents the first static analysis that is capable of reasoning about the flow of control and data in modern JavaScript applications that interact with the HTML DOM and browser API, and studies the usefulness of the analysis to detect spelling errors in the code. Expand
Dual syntax for XML languages
This work presents XSugar, which makes it possible to manage dual syntax for XML languages, and statically checks that the transformations are reversible and that all XML documents generated from the alternative syntax are valid according to a given XML schema. Expand
PowerForms: Declarative client-side form field validation
This work presents PowerForms, which is an add-on to HTML forms that allows a purely declarative specification of input formats and sophisticated interdependencies of form fields, and is seen as inspiration for a future extension of HTML. Expand
The pointer assertion logic engine
A new framework for verifying partial specifications of programs in order to catch type and memory errors and check data structure invariants and can verify a large class of data structures, namely all those that can be expressed as graph types. Expand