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Interactomes are often measured using affinity purification-mass spectrometry (AP-MS) or yeast two-hybrid approaches, but these methods do not provide stoichiometric or temporal information. We combine quantitative proteomics and size-exclusion chromatography to map 291 coeluting complexes. This method allows mapping of an interactome to the same depth and(More)
This paper describes a framework for applying templates to applications and documents on the Web. The primary motivation is the need of Web application developers to separate program logic from presentation logic. A template is a prototypical document or part thereof. It consists of content in the target language, HTML, XML, or plain text, plus markup(More)
Autophagy is one of the major intracellular catabolic pathways, but little is known about the composition of autophagosomes. To study the associated proteins, we isolated autophagosomes from human breast cancer cells using two different biochemical methods and three stimulus types: amino acid deprivation or rapamycin or concanamycin A treatment. The(More)
External perturbations, by forcing cells to adapt to a new environment, often elicit large-scale changes in gene expression resulting in an altered proteome that improves the cell's fitness in the new conditions. Steady-state levels of a proteome depend on transcription, the levels of transcripts, translation and protein degradation but system-level(More)