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Implementing Privacy as Symmetry in Location-aware Systems
Social network services on the internet are moving from a traditional web-based service into ubiquitous computing environments. With this migration these services will also benefit from theExpand
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An Architecture Supporting Implementation of Context-Aware Services
This work describes an approach to facilitate to use of contextual information to improve the quality of service in a mobile ambient environment. The approach advocated here defines two levels ofExpand
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Multiagent Based Problem-solving in a Mobile Environment
As users are becoming more mobile and information services are increasingly being personalised, the need for computer systems to adapt to the user is also increasing. One important aspect of thisExpand
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Explanations in Bayesian Networks using Provenance through Case-based Reasoning
Bayesian Networks are useful for solving a wide range of problems in many domains. Yet, they are exposed to one important challenge when structural and parametrical changes occur. As BayesianExpand
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Machine learning and data mining for epidemic surveillance
Social networking and search engine data confer real-time advantages in tracking influenza spread. Expand
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A CBR-ANN hybrid for dynamic environments
This paper proposes a Case-based Reasoning (CBR) and Artificial Neural Network (ANN) hybrid solution for dynamic problems that is supposed to work under dynamic, continuous problems. Expand
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Tourist Without a Cause
Location-based recommender systems in the tourist domain are increasingly becoming more and more popular. However, these systems typically suffer from two problems: Not having sufficient informationExpand
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