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We analyze the Bianchi Identity as an instance of a basic fact of com-binatorial groupoid theory, related to the Homotopy Addition Lemma. Here it becomes formulated in terms of 2-forms with values in the gauge group bundle of a groupoid, and leads in particular to the (Chern-Weil) construction of characteristic classes. The method is that of synthetic(More)
It is shown how the theory of commutative monads provides an axiomatic framework for several aspects of distribution theory in a broad sense, including probability distributions, physical extensive quantities, and Schwartz distributions of compact support. Among the particular aspects considered here are the notions of convolution, density, expectation, and(More)
In the context of synthetic differential geometry, we study the Laplace operator an a Riemannian manifold. The main new aspect is a neighbourhood of the diagonal, smaller than the second neighbourhood usually required as support for second order differential operators. The new neighbourhood has the property that a function is affine on it if and only if it(More)
In [4] we proved that a commutative monad on a symmetric monoidal closed category carries the structure of a symmetric monoidal monad ([4], Theorem 3.2). We here prove the converse, so that, taken together, we have: there is a 1-1 correspondence between commutative monads and symmetric monoidal monads (Theorem 2.3 below). The main computational work needed(More)
In the context of constructive locale or frame theory (locale theory over a xed base locale), we study some aspects of 'frame distributions', meaning sup preserving maps from a frame to the base frame. We derive a relationship between results of Jibladze-Johnstone and Bunge-Funk, and also descriptions in distribution terms, as well as in double negation(More)