Anders Karlström

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In this paper we develop a spatial association statistic for ̄ow data by generalizing the statistic of Getis-Ord, Gi (and Gi*). This local measure of spatial association, Gij, is associated with each origin-destination pair. We de®ne spatial weight matrices with di ̈erent metrics in ̄ow space. These spatial weight matrices focus on di ̈erent aspects of(More)
The modeling of processes exhibiting direction-dependent behavior is considered. Depending on the application, different models may be suitable. This brief is concerned with the use of Wiener models and piecewise-linear (PWL) models. These approaches are applied to data from an electronic nose system, for which knowledge of the physical principles is(More)
The Place Syntax Tool (PST) is a plugin application for the desktop software MapInfo written in MapBasic and C/C++. The plugin was developed since conventional accessibility research and space syntax research face an almost symmetrical problem when it comes to analysing and predicting urban pedestrian movement. In this paper we explore the possibilities to(More)
This paper focuses on the effects of commuting time on sickness insurance utilization by applying a generalized propensity score estimator to a large sample of Swedish employees. We analyse the effect of commuting time both on the probability of using sickness insurance at all and on the probability that an individual on sick leave is on so-called partial(More)
This paper compares estimates of the value of commuting time, working time and household working time from empirical models of subjective assessments of life satisfaction and job satisfaction, respectively, to the corresponding estimates obtained from an empirical search model of the labour market. The results indicate that all three variables produce(More)
In this paper we present the methodological framework of a dynamic discrete-continuous choice model (DDCCM) of car ownership, usage and fuel type. The approach consists of embedding a discrete-continuous choice model into a dynamic programming (DP) framework. This work proposes the following novel features. First, decisions are modeled at a household level.(More)
As a result of public investment, lower freight transport costs tend to translate into lower local price indices and are associated with equilibria characterized by higher output and consumption. In this paper we investigate an additional effect to these trade gains, namely the gains from better spatial matching in the labor market. We simulate a two-region(More)