Anders K. Bergström

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Fecal samples were obtained from a cohort of 330 healthy Danish infants at 9, 18, and 36 months after birth, enabling characterization of interbacterial relationships by use of quantitative PCR targeting 31 selected bacterial 16S rRNA gene targets representing different phylogenetic levels. Nutritional parameters and measures of growth and body composition(More)
Our study was part of the large European project ISAFRUIT aiming to reveal the biological explanations for the epidemiologically well-established health effects of fruits. The objective was to identify effects of apple and apple product consumption on the composition of the cecal microbial community in rats, as well as on a number of cecal parameters, which(More)
Freezing stool samples prior to DNA extraction and downstream analysis is widely used in metagenomic studies of the human microbiota but may affect the inferred community composition. In this study, DNA was extracted either directly or following freeze storage of three homogenized human fecal samples using three different extraction methods. No consistent(More)
We have examined the global gene expression profile of small intestinal carcinoids by microarray analysis. High expression of a number of genes was found including amyloid precursor-like protein 1 (APLP1). Quantitative real-time PCR and western blot analysis demonstrated higher expression of APLP1 in carcinoid metastases relative to primary tumours(More)
Subacute toxicity of 14 nm nanoparticulate silver (Ag-NP) stabilised with polyvinylpyrrolidone and ionic silver in the form of silver acetate (Ag-acetate) was investigated in four-week-old Wistar rats. Animals received orally by gavage the following: vehicle control (10 ♀, 6 ♂); Ag-NP at doses: 2.25 (8 ♀), 4.5 (8 ♀) or 9 mg/kg bw/day (10 ♀, 6 ♂); or(More)
Alterations in the human gut microbiota caused, for example, by diet, functional foods, antibiotics, or occurring as a function of age are now known to be of relevance for host health. Therefore, there is a strong need for methods to detect such alterations in a rapid and comprehensive manner. In the present study, we developed and validated a(More)
PURPOSE Fruit consumption is associated with a decreased risk of CVD in cohort studies and is therefore endorsed by health authorities as part of the '5 or more a day' campaigns. A glass of fruit juice is generally counted as one serving. Fruit may cause protection by affecting common risk factors of CVD. METHODS Apples are among the most commonly(More)
Tumour hypoxia is associated with increased metastatic potential and resistance to radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Ileal carcinoids are usually metastatic at the time of diagnosis and respond poorly to chemotherapy. The aim of this study was to investigate the extent of hypoxia in ileal carcinoids and the response of tumour cells to induced hypoxia. Vascular(More)
Certain indigestible carbohydrates, known as prebiotics, are claimed to be beneficial for gut health through a selective stimulation of certain gut microbes including bifidobacteria. However, stimulation of such microbes does not necessarily imply a preventive effect against pathogen infection. We recently demonstrated a reduced resistance to Salmonella(More)
The presence of hepatitis GB virus C (GBV-C), also known as hepatitis G virus (HGV), and hepatitis C virus (HCV) were investigated in sera from 45 hemophiliacs from nine locations in Nicaragua using a nested polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Primers used to detect GBV-C and HCV derived from the helicase region and 5'UTR, respectively. Seventeen (38%)(More)