Anders Jakobsson

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The angiogenic effect of autogenous secreting mast cells (MCs) was studied using a novel experimental approach. The virtually avascular membranous rat mesentery was used as test tissue. The activation of MCs was elicited by repeated intraperitoneal injections of the MC-secretagogue compound 48/80, which per se appears inert from the proliferogenic and(More)
The formation of new blood vessels, angiogenesis, is an important event in inflammation, wound healing and tumour growth. Mediators produced by various cells when exposed to endotoxin include cytokines (tumour necrosis factor, interleukins 1 and 6, and basic fibroblast growth factor) which, it has been suggested, stimulate angiogenesis. The angiogenic(More)
The mesenteric window angiogenesis assay permits the objective determination of a number of angiogenesis parameters in peritoneal connective tissue. The time-course of the angiogenic response that follows activation of endogenous connective tissue mast cells in situ in normal adult rats was investigated using a set of quantitative variables. A method(More)
The activation of mast-cells in situ induces angiogenesis in normally vascularized, adult mammalian tissue. Since the secreting mast-cell characteristically releases histamine, we studied the possible role of histamine in the outcome of mast-cell mediated angiogenesis using the rat mesenteric window assay. One H1-receptor antagonist, brompheniramine maleate(More)
By introducing a new mode of the recently described mesenteric-window angiogenesis assay (K. Norrby, A. Jakobsson, and J. Sörbo, 1986, Virchows Arch. B. Cell Pathol. 52, 195-206) we measured the entire vascular tree in terms of the vascularized area and the vascular density in spreads of intact mesenteric windows in rats receiving a terminal iv infusion of(More)
The activation of the autogenous mast cells (MCs) in situ in intact mesenterial windows was elicited by the intraperitoneal injection of the MC secretagogue Compound 48/80 over a period of 1, 3 and 5 days in Sprague-Dawley rats and in C57 BL/6 and CBA/Ca mice. As a probe of MC secretion, the release of histamine was quantified fluorometrically at(More)
FOREWORD " Democratic discourse and citizen acceptance of necessary prioritisation requires knowledge about the grounds on which priorities are set, the opportunities that patients have to influence these, and the avenues to pursue when dissatisfied with the priorities set. Health services have an obligation to develop methods to make such information(More)
In the present study methods for morphometric evaluation of angiogenesis in the mesenteric window model were developed and used to assess kinetics of angiogenesis induced by either ip saline or the mast cell secretagogue 48/80. Morphometric variables included vessel density (VD), vessel luminal diameter (VLD), vessel luminal surface area (VSA), vessel(More)
This paper has been peer-reviewed but does not include the final publisher proof-corrections or journal pagination. " Collaborative learning as a collective competence when students use the potential of meaning in asynchronous dialogues " 2009, vol 52, issue 3: pp 656–667 Access to the published version may require subscription. Abstract The aim of this(More)