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In this paper, we will introduce a common framework for the deenition and operations on the diierent multiple view tensors. The novelty of the proposed formulation is to not x any parameters of the camera matrices, but instead letting a group act on them and look at the diierent orbits. In this setting the multiple view geometry can be viewed as a(More)
In this paper the special case of reconstruction from image sequences taken by cameras with skew equal to 0 and aspect ratio equal to 1 has been treated. These type of cameras, here called cameras with Euclidean image planes , represent rigid projections where neither the principal point nor the focal length is known. It will be shown that it is possible to(More)
An innovative type of biofilm model is derived by combining an individual description of microbial particles with a continuum representation of the biofilm matrix. This hybrid model retains the advantages of each approach, while providing a more realistic description of the temporal development of biofilm structure in two or three spatial dimensions. The(More)
BACKGROUND Morphologic examination of bone marrow and peripheral blood samples continues to be the cornerstone in diagnostic hematology. In recent years, interest in automatic leukocyte classification using image analysis has increased rapidly. Such systems collect a series of images in which each cell must be segmented accurately to be classified(More)