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This article proposes and describes a visitor-oriented perspective emphasizing the unique needs of visitors of digital environments in contrast to the user-oriented perspective that emphasizes the needs of users. To do so the term accommodation is introduced in a technical sense and given a brief explanation. Results are also reported from three explorative(More)
Introduction The World Wide Web has implied an explosion in network-mediated information exchange. Its ubiquitous nature and technical strengths, in particular the flexible hypermedia document format and the general communication protocol, have given users a powerful infrastructure for sharing knowledge as well as for interactive communication. This has(More)
This paper explores the Language/Action approach by reflecting on an explorative case study from a small Swedish company in the IT-sector. The company is using Lotus Notesm in combination with Action WorkflowTM to increase the efficiency of the sales processes. This includes communication with customers as well as intraorganizational communication between(More)
This paper reports from an experimental study of cooperative work in a collaborative virtual environment (CVE) with sixty test subjects. A method from social psychology, interaction process analysis (IPA), was used for analyzing group dynamics within the CVE in relation to three communicative modes: text-chat, voice, and video conferencing. The study(More)
Many have tried to answer the question of what a digital library is and how such libraries should be built. But, in a sense the question of how to construct digital libraries as well defined entities is misguided from the beginning. There are many approaches to building digital libraries [7, 18, 4] and each approach must be understood from within a context.(More)
During the past few years, the market for apps monitoring traditional health and wellbeing parameters such as heart rate, levels of physical activity and sleep patterns has rapidly expanded. In this paper, we articulate how we are currently engineering an early warning system designed to support long-term brain health, termed cognitive endurance, based on(More)