Anders Hallqvist

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The possible role of glutamate, aspartate, sulfur-containing excitatory amino acids and gamma-glutamyl peptides as major transmitters in the rat optic nerve was evaluated. Four days following optic nerve lesion the K(+)-evoked Ca(2+)-dependent glutamate release was reduced to 31 +/- 16% (+/- S.D., n = 9) comparing release from slices of the denervated(More)
Background. The main attention regarding prognostic and predictive markers in NSCLC directs towards the EGFR-targeted pathway, where the most studied genetic alterations include EGFR mutations, EGFR copy number, and KRAS mutations. We wanted to explore the prognostic impact of mutated KRAS in the stage III setting treated with high-dose radiochemotherapy.(More)
The purpose of the Nordic research project, Nord-VET, is to generate new knowledge on the strengths and weaknesses of the different models of vocational education and training (VET) at upper secondary level in the four Nordic countries. This research is expected to strengthen the knowledge base required for developing VET for the future. The main purpose of(More)
It is not virtue which can found a free intellectual order; it is a free intellectual order which can found intellectual virtue. n the 21st of January 2012, mathematician Timothy Gowers wrote a blog post in which he listed a number of problems related to the current system of scientific publishing and, in particular, what he described as the ill-doings of(More)
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