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This paper considers the problem of estimating the point-to-point traffic matrix in an operational IP backbone. Contrary to previous studies, that have used a partial traffic matrix or demands estimated from aggregated Netflow traces, we use a unique data set of complete traffic matrices from a global IP network measured over five-minute intervals. This(More)
This paper presents a global view of measurement-driven traffic engineering, explores the interplay between traffic matrix estimation and routing optimization and demonstrates how demand uncertainties can be accounted for in the optimization step to guarantee a robust and reliable result. Based on a unique data set of complete measured traffic matrices, we(More)
—Configuration of the routing is critical for the quality and reliability of the communication in a large IP backbone. Large traffic shifts can occur due to changes in the Inter-domain routing that are hard to control by the network operator. This paper describes a framework for modeling potential traffic shifts due to BGP reroutes, calculating worst-case(More)
—We study the problem of guaranteed-performance routing under statistical traffic uncertainty. Relevant traffic models are presented and a polynomial-time algorithm for solving the associated robust routing problem is given. We demonstrate how our techniques, in combination with fundamental limitations on the accuracy of estimated traffic matrices, enable(More)