Anders Gunnar

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This paper considers the problem of estimating the point-to-point traffic matrix in an operational IP backbone. Contrary to previous studies, that have used a partial traffic matrix or demands estimated from aggregated Netflow traces, we use a unique data set of complete traffic matrices from a global IP network measured over five-minute intervals. This(More)
Routing configurations that have been optimized for a nominal traffic scenario often display significant performance degradation when they are subjected to real network traffic. These degradations are due to the inherent sensitivity of classical optimization techniques to changes in model parameters combined with the significant traffic variations caused by(More)
• Investigate methods for estimating the traffic matrix from link loads. • Investigate variability and other characteristics of Internet traffic. • The traffic engineering is modeled as a flow optimization problem. • Investigate different cost functions to obtain solutions with desired properties. • Trade-off between efficiency (shortest-paths) and(More)