Anders Grunnet-Jepsen

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We demonstrate a new all-fiber technique for coherent spectral encoding and decoding based on temporal-spectral dispersion and recombination using suitably chirped fiber Bragg gratings. The application potential to optical-code division multiple access telecommunication is discussed.
We describe a system designed for simple and intuitive interaction with a large screen from a distance. The approach is based on an optical pointing and tracking system which has the important property that the tracking is absolute in nature. This provides several advantages over traditional methods used for input devices and remote controls, especially(More)
It is demonstrated that the emergence of subharmonics during two-wave mixing in a Bi(12)SiO(20) photorefractive crystal under applied alternating electric fields will markedly reduce two-wave gain. The repetition frequency at which the observed drop in two-wave gain appears is correlated with threshold conditions for the subharmonic instability for a wide(More)
An architecture for the implementation of optical pattern recognition is proposed that makes use of convolution-kernel-based optimal trade-off filters to allow for an increased speed of operation and filter storage capability. The derivation of these new convolution-kernel-based optimal trade-off filters is presented, and their noise robustness and(More)
We present a comprehensive overview of the stereoscopic Intel RealSense RGBD imaging systems. We discuss these systems’ mode-of-operation, functional behavior and include models of their expected performance, shortcomings, and limitations. We provide information about the systems’ optical characteristics, their correlation algorithms, and how these(More)
The correct determination of the spatial phase shift ø(p) in photorefractive materials is crucial to the proper characterization of novel materials. It is shown that the grating translation techniques commonly used for the measurement of ø(p) need to be reevaluated for high-gain materials. Strong energy and phase coupling leads to nonuniform slanted(More)
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