Anders Grahnén

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The realisation that new chemical entities under development as drug candidates fail in three of four cases in clinical trials, together with increased costs and increased demands of reducing preclinical animal experiments, have promoted concepts for improvement of early screening procedures in humans. Positron emission tomography (PET) is a non-invasive(More)
Intrasubject variation in bioavailability (rate and extent) and disposition of furosemide 40 mg was investigated using a repeated, randomized, double-blind cross-over study in 8 healthy subjects. Two generic tablet formulations (Lasix and Furix) and intravenous furosemide were compared on 6 separate days. Extensive intrasubject variability after oral(More)
Specialised gastrointestinal absorption of amoxicillin has been suggested in man and has been demonstrated in animals. In order to study the rate and extent of amoxicillin absorption, six healthy subjects were given 500 mg IV and two oral doses (500 mg and 3 g as a suspension). Absorption kinetics was analysed by compartmental modelling, noncompartmental(More)
The bioavailability and pharmacokinetics of cimetidine have been studied in healthy volunteers after administration of single intravenous (100 mg) and oral doses (100, 400 and 800 mg). After i.v. administration, the kinetics of cimetidine could be described by a linear, two compartment open model. Substantial variation in half-life was observed between(More)
In order to improve our understanding of the dose-concentration and concentration-effect relationships, the pharmacokinetics of recombinant erythropoietin were studied after the initial dose (n = 6) and after repeated doses (n = 9) administered intravenously in patients with chronic renal failure. Several venous blood samples were collected before (to(More)
AIMS Budesonide, a glucocorticosteroid, is used as a first-line treatment for asthma. The aim of the study was to develop a PK/PD model for the effect of budesonide on ACTH and cortisol. METHODS The modelling data were generated by conducting a single-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled cross-over study. Ten healthy volunteers inhaled placebo (Placebo(More)
The pharmacokinetics of 2 mg ketotifen from four different oral dosage forms were examined in two randomized, balanced cross-over studies. Forty healthy male subjects participated. Each of 20 subjects received two capsule formulations and each of the other 20 subjects received two syrup formulations. Ketotifen concentrations in plasma were determined by a(More)
BACKGROUND The therapeutic effect of drugs inhibiting acid production on acid-related discomforts is related to both the onset and duration of action of the drug. The effects on gastric pH by single oral doses of some acid-inhibiting drugs were investigated by measuring daytime (morning to lunch) intragastric pH in healthy volunteers. METHODS This(More)
1. The relationship between plasma flunitrazepam concentrations and the degree of sedation was evaluated in 20 healthy subjects receiving two single oral doses of 1 mg flunitrazepam on two different occasions (1 week apart). The degree of sedation was rated blindly during the two treatment sessions in parallel with blood sampling (48 h). 2. A strong(More)
Dear Sir, In a famous Swedish cartoon from the mid-1980s (Staffans Stollar), two men have a discussion in which one states: “Life is so dangerous that it is strange that the National Board of Health & Welfare allows it!” This cartoon encapsulates our perceptions of the risk-benefit analysis of certain regulations in experimental medicine, particularly as(More)